Dreaming About Snakes? All What You Need To Know

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Dreaming About Snakes

Have you ever dreamed about a snake and wondered what it means? You’re not alone! Snakes in dreams can make us feel scared or curious. They’re special symbols that can mean a lot of different things.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at what famous Islamic scholars Ibn Shahin and Ibn Sirin thought about snake dreams. They believed that dreaming about snakes could tell us about challenges we might face or even good things coming our way. We’ll also check out what other people think about snake dreams and what they might mean.

So, if you’ve recently dreamed about a snake or are just curious about dream meanings, stick around! We’re about to dive into the fascinating world of snake dreams.

Interpretation of Seeing a Snake in a Dream by Ibn Shahin

Some of the interpretations of seeing a snake from Ibn Shahin’s book include:

  • Seeing a snake is interpreted as a cunning enemy.
  • If you see a snake in your house, it means the problem comes from an outsider. But if the snake is in a familiar place, the trouble might be more personal.
  • Killing a snake means overcoming an enemy, and its flesh, bones, skin, and blood represent the enemy’s wealth.
  • Seeing oneself killing a snake and lifting it in one’s hand or dividing it and lifting it signifies triumph over enemies and taking their wealth.
  • If a snake speaks kindly to someone, it signifies gaining good and benefit.
  • A snake obeying someone and being under their control wherever they wish signifies gaining honor, status, and blessings.
  • Seeing a metallic snake is good, especially if it’s gold or silver, indicating greater value.

Interpretation of Seeing a Snake in a Dream by Ibn Sirin

  • A snake is an enemy, but snakes represent enemies because the cursed Iblis (Satan) used it to reach Prophet Adam. The enmity of each snake depends on its bite, size, and thickness. It could symbolize disbelievers and heretics because of its poison. Sometimes, it may represent adulterers for their sting and nature. Seeing snakes in certain places like fields or sliding under a tree could symbolize water and might be likened to the sound of water.
  • Fighting a snake or struggling with it means fighting an enemy, and killing it means victory over the enemy. If bitten, it indicates harm from the enemy proportionate to the bite’s severity. Eating a snake’s flesh means gaining money from an enemy, joy, and delight. If one cuts it in half, it means getting even with an enemy. If a snake speaks softly and kindly, it brings good that people will admire. Seeing a dead snake means God will protect from an enemy’s harm. Its eggs represent tough enemies, and black ones are the most severe.

Other Interpretations

  • Seeing a smooth snake indicates leading armies and achieving great sovereignty. If one fears a snake without seeing it, it means security from an enemy. Seeing a snake and fearing it indicates fear, and this applies to all fears without seeing the cause.
  • Seeing a snake descending from a height means the death of a leader in that area. If a snake comes out of the ground, it signifies punishment in that place. If one sees their garden filled with snakes, it means the garden will thrive and the plants in it will grow and prosper.
  • It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin saying he saw a snake chasing him and he followed it into a hole, then he placed a winnowing basket on the hole. Ibn Sirin interpreted it as him getting married and inheriting from the wife, which came true.

The interpretations offer a deep insight into the symbolism of snakes in dreams within Islamic tradition, highlighting various scenarios and their meanings related to life, enemies, and personal growth.

Explore More Dream Interpretations

More Interpretations from Ibn Sirin

  • Seeing a snake smooth and obedient, with no mischief or harm, indicates acquiring a treasure from the treasures of kings, and if the snake has a specific characteristic, it symbolizes luck for the dreamer.
  • Seeing a snake with legs indicates an enemy’s strength. A snake with fangs and horns represents a huge, spiteful, harmful enemy, exaggerating in evil, from whom one should be wary.
  • Seeing many snakes around suggests that the dreamer’s people will be enemies, but they won’t harm unless bitten by one of them.
  • If one sees that they scared a snake, it indicates safety from enemies, especially if not seen.

Interpretations by Al-Dhahiri

  • Interpretations vary, including a snake as a cunning enemy. Killing a snake signifies overcoming an enemy, and its body parts represent the enemy’s wealth.
  • A snake that’s lifted or divided signifies triumph over enemies and acquiring their wealth.
  • A snake with legs symbolizes enemy strength. While a snake with fangs and horns signifies a large, malicious, and very harmful enemy.
  • Seeing many snakes indicates enemies among the dreamer’s people who do not harm unless provoked.

Interpretations of Snake Forms in Dreams

  • According to Al-Kirmani, seeing a white snake lifted signifies achieving a high rank. A black snake surrounded by small snakes signifies an increase in dignity and retinue. A green snake warns of two enemies, and a yellow snake signifies a sickly, weak enemy. A red snake indicates an enemy with a family.
  • There are detailed interpretations for other scenarios, such as a smooth snake with wings being under one’s control, signifying treasure from kings’ wealth or luck depending on the dream’s context.

Interpretations of Snakes Emerging from Body Parts

  • Jabir Al-Maghribi mentioned that if someone sees a snake coming out of their nose, breasts, or urethra, it indicates that their child will be an enemy. A snake emerging from one’s ear, navel, or back signifies enmity from one’s family. A snake coming out of one’s mouth indicates committing a sin through speech and facing harm because of it.

Additional Interpretations from Al-Dhahiri’s Book

  • Seeing a snake without fear but running away from it suggests anxiety and sorrow. Other details include speaking snakes bringing good and benefit, potentially leading to joy and happiness, while fear of a snake suggests obtaining safety from what one fears, according to a Quranic verse (referring to the story of Prophet Moses and the snake).

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